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  • Contamination in trials of educational interventions 

    Keogh-Brown, M.R.; Bachmann, M.O.; Shepstone, L.; Hewitt, C.; Howe, A.; Ramsay, Craig R; Song, F; Miles, J.N.V.; Torgerson, D.J.; Miles, S.; Elbourne, Diana R.; Harvey, I.; Campbell, M.J. (Gray Publishing, 2007-10)
    Objectives: To consider the effects of contamination on the magnitude and statistical significance (or precision) of the estimated effect of an educational intervention, to investigate the mechanisms of contamination, and ...
  • Financial considerations in the conduct of multi-centre randomised controlled trials: evidence from a qualitative study. 

    Snowdon, Claire; Elbourne, Diana R.; Garcia, Jo; Campbell, Marion Kay; Entwistle, Vikki; Francis, David; Grant, Adrian Maxwell; Knight, Rosemary C.; McDonald, Alison Mary; Roberts, Ian (Trials, 2006-12-21)
  • Marketing and clinical trials : a case study 

    Francis, David; Roberts, Ian; Elbourne, Diana R.; Shakur, Haleema; Knight, Rosemary C.; Garcia, Jo; Snowdon, Claire; Entwistle, Vikki; McDonald, Alison Mary; Grant, Adrian Maxwell; Campbell, Marion Kay (BioMed Central, 2007-11-20)
    Background: Publicly funded clinical trials require a substantial commitment of time and money. To ensure that sufficient numbers of patients are recruited it is essential that they address important questions in a rigorous ...
  • Recruitment to randomised trials : Strategies for Trial Enrolment and Participation Study. The STEPS study 

    Campbell, Marion Kay; Snowdon, Claire; Francis, David; Elbourne, Diana R.; McDonald, Alison Mary; Knight, Rosemary C.; Entwistle, Vikki; Garcia, Jo; Roberts, Ian; Grant, Adrian Maxwell; STEPS Group (Gray Publishing, 2007-11)
    Objectives: To identify factors associated with good and poor recruitment to multicentre trials. Data sources: Part A: database of trials started in or after 1994 and were due to end before 2003 held by the Medical Research ...
  • What influences recruitment to randomised controlled trials? A review of trials funded by two UK funding agencies. 

    McDonald, Alison Mary; Knight, Rosemary C.; Campbell, Marion Kay; Entwistle, Vikki; Grant, Adrian Maxwell; Cook, Jonathan Alistair; Elbourne, Diana R.; Francis, David; Garcia, Jo; Roberts, Ian; Snowdon, Claire (Trials, 2006-04-07)