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  • Acquisition of Living Things by Specification 

    Metzger, Ernest (Edinburgh Law Review, 2004)
  • Actions 

    Metzger, Ernest (Duckworth and Cornell University Press, 1998)
    A brief introduction to the Roman law of actions.
  • Adam Smith and Roman Servitudes 

    Metzger, Ernest (2005-11-03)
    This essay discusses Adam Smith historical jurisprudence and his use of Roman law materials in his Lectures on Jurisprudence. It argues that Smith found it difficult to maintain his theory of legal development in the face ...
  • The Case of Petronia Iusta 

    Metzger, Ernest (Office international de librairie, 2000)
    This article examines a lawsuit from the 70s AD, concering a young woman from Herculaneum.
  • Postscript on nova species and Kinloch Dampf Ltd. v. Nordvic Salmon Farms Ltd. 

    Metzger, Ernest (Roman Law Society of America, 2004)
    This article examines a case from the outer house of the Court of Session in Scotland. The case deals with the ownership of living things, and in particular the issue whether a person can become owner of a living thing ...
  • Quare? Argument in David Daube, After Karl Popper 

    Metzger, Ernest (Roman Law Society of America, 2004)
    This article considers the method of argument favoured by David Daube (1909-1999), a scholar of Roman and biblical law. It suggests that Daube used a method of argument championed by Karl Popper (1992-1994), a philosopher ...
  • Roman Judges, Case Law, and Principles of Procedure 

    Metzger, Ernest (University of Illinois Press, 2004)
    This article argues that there was a fashion in the 19th and early 20th centuries to view the Roman judge as a kind of authentic voice of the people, and this encouraged the view—still existing today—that a Roman judge did ...