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  • Health inequalities in England, Scotland and Wales : stakeholders' accounts and policy compared 

    Harrington, B.E.; Smith, K.E.; Hunter, D.J.; Marks, L; Blackman, T.J.; McKee, Lorna; Greene, A; Elliott, E; Williams, G.H. (Elsevier, 2009-01)
    Objectives The election of a Labour government in 1997 brought the issue of health inequalities firmly back on to the policy agenda across the UK. Since then, in the wake of devolution, the need to tackle health inequalities ...
  • Insertion Heuristics for Central Cycle Problems 

    Lamb, John Douglas (2006)
    A central cycle problem requires a cycle that is reasonably short and keeps a the maximum distance from any node not on the cycle to its nearest node on the cycle reasonably low. The objective may be to minimise ...
  • The Subtour Centre Problem 

    Lamb, John Douglas (2007-03-20)
    The subtour centre problem is the problem of finding a closed trail S of bounded length on a connected simple graph G that minimises the maximum distance from S to any vertex ofG. It is a central location problem related ...