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  • Patients’ Engagement With “Sweet Talk” – A Text Messaging Support System for Young People With Diabetes 

    Franklin, Victoria Louise; Greene, Alexandra; Waller, Annalu; Greene, Stephen Alan; Pagliari, Claudia (Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, 2008)
    Background: Guidelines for optimizing type 1 diabetes in young people advocate intensive insulin therapy coupled with personal support from the health care team. “Sweet Talk” is a novel intervention designed to support ...
  • Procolipase gene : no association with early-onset obesity or fat intake 

    Wermter, Anne-Kathrin; Scherag, André; Holter, Katja; Reichwald, Kathrin; Lichtner, Peter; Siegfried, Wolfgang; Blundell, John; Lawton, Clare; Whybrow, Stephen; Stubbs, James; Arch, Jonathan R; Meitinger, Thomas; Platzer, Matthias; Hinney, Anke; Hebebrand, Johannes (2009-02)
  • Treatable childhood neuronopathy caused by mutations in riboflavin transporter RFVT2 

    Foley, A. Reghan; Menezes, Manoj P.; Pandraud, Amelie; Gonzalez, Michael A.; Al-Odaib, Ahmad; Abrams, Alexander J.; Sugano, Kumiko; Yonezawa, Atsushi; Manzur, Adnan Y.; Burns, Joshua; Hughes, Imelda; McCullagh, B. Gary; Jungbluth, Heinz; Lim, Ming J.; Lin, Jean-Pierre; Megarbane, Andre; Urtizberea, J. Andoni; Shah, Ayaz H.; Antony, Jayne; Webster, Richard; Broomfield, Alexander; Ng, Joanne; Mathew, Ann A.; O'Byrne, James J.; Forman, Eva; Scoto, Mariacristina; Prasad, Manish; O'Brien, Katherine; Olpin, Simon; Oppenheim, Marcus; Hargreaves, Iain; Land, John M.; Wang, Min X.; Carpenter, Kevin; Horvath, Rita; Straub, Volker; Lek, Monkol; Gold, Wendy; Farrell, Michael O.; Brandner, Sebastian; Phadke, Rahul; Matsubara, Kazuo; McGarvey, Michael L.; Scherer, Steven S.; Baxter, Peter S.; King, Mary D.; Clayton, Peter; Rahman, Shamima; Reilly, Mary M.; Ouvrier, Robert A.; Christodoulou, John; Zuechner, Stephan; Muntoni, Francesco; Houlden, Henry (2014-01)