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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-May-2013Diverse Tremblings : composition for contrabass flute and digital soundStollery, Peter John; University of Aberdeen, School of Education, Music
24-Sep-2014Diversity and Community Composition of Methanogenic Archaea in the Rumen of Scottish Upland Sheep Assessed by Different MethodsSnelling, Timothy J.; Genc, Buğra; McKain, Nest; Watson, Mick; Waters, Sinead M.; Creevy, Christopher J.; Wallace, R. John; University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health, RINH
14-Aug-2009Diversity and strain specificity of plant cell wall degrading enzymes revealed by the draft genome of Ruminococcus flavefaciens FD-1Miller, Margret E Berg; Antonopoulos, Dionysios A; Rincon, Marco T; Band, Mark; Bari, Albert; Akraiko, Tatsiana; Hernandez, Alvaro; Thimmapuram, Jyothi; Henrissat, Bernard; Coutinho, Pedro M; Borovok, Ilya; Jindou, Sadanari; Lamed, Raphael; Flint, Harry J; Bayer, Edward A; White, Bryan A; University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health, Gut Health
15-Mar-2012The DNA helicase Pfh1 promotes fork merging at replication termination sites to ensure genome stabilitySteinacher, Roland; Osman, Fekret; Dalgaard, Jacob Z.; Lorenz, Alexander; Whitby, Matthew C.; University of Aberdeen, School of Medical Sciences
26-Jul-2013DNA methyltransferase candidate polymorphisms, imprinting methylation, and birth outcomeHaggarty, Paul; Hoad, Gwen; Horgan, Graham W; Campbell, Doris M; University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health, Vascular Health; University of Aberdeen, University of Aberdeen; University of Aberdeen, Natural & Computing Sciences, Mathematical Sciences; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Division of Applied Health Sciences
2006Do Career Prospects Make Happy Workers? Evidence from Panel DataTheodossiou, Ioannis; Zangelidis, Alexandros
7-Mar-2007Do Economic Inequalities Harm Health? Evidence from EuropeEtienne, Jean-Michel; Skalli, Ali; Theodossiou, Ioannis
14-Aug-2012Do incentives, reminders or reduced burden improve healthcare professional response rates in postal questionnaires? : two randomised controlled trialsGlidewell, Liz; Thomas, Ruth; MacLennan, Graeme; Bonetti, Debbie; Johnston, Marie; Eccles, Martin P.; Edlin, Richard; Pitts, Nigel B.; Clarkson, Jan; Steen, Nick; Grimshaw, Jeremy M.; University of Aberdeen, Geosciences; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Division of Applied Health Sciences
Dec-2009Do managed clinical networks improve quality of diabetes care? : Evidence from a retrospective mixed methods evaluationGreene, Alexandra; Pagliari, C.; Cunningham, S.; Donnan, P.; Evans, J.; Emslie-Smith, A.; Morris, A.; Guthrie, B.; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Division of Applied Health Sciences
Jun-2009'Do not Judge who is Worthy and Unworthy' : Clement's Warning not to Speculate about the Rich Young Man's Response (Mark 10.17-31)Clarke, Andrew D; University of Aberdeen, Divinity, History & Philosophy, Divinity & Religious Studies
Mar-2012“Do one, teach one” : the new paradigm in general surgery residency trainingStevens, Roger; Davies, M; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry
21-Nov-2006Do self-reported intentions predict clinicians behaviour: a systematic review.Eccles, Martin P.; Hrisos, Susan; Francis, Jillian Joy; Kaner, Eileen F.; Dickinson, DO; Beyer, F; Johnston, Marie
Oct-2004Do Social Preferences Increase Productivity? Field experimental evidence from fishermen in Toyama BaySeki, Erika; Carpenter, Jeffrey
2007Does enternal nutrition affect clinical outcome? A systematic review of the randomized trialsKoretz, Ronald L.; Avenell, Alison; Lipman, Timothy O.; Braunschweig, Carol L.; Milne, Anne C.
Jun-2014Does Metformin combined with Clomiphene Citrate improve fertility related outcomes in Clomiphene resistant women with PCOS : a systematic reviewGill, Sabraj; Gemmel, Ailsa; Colleran, Rebecca; Zanuri, Nurhazwani Bt; O’Brian, Helen; Poobalan, Amudha; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Other Applied Health Sciences
2012Does physical activity counselling enhance the effects of a pedometer-based intervention over the long-term : 12-month findings from the Walking for Wellbeing in the West studyFitzsimons, Claire F; Baker, Graham; Gray, Stuart R; Nimmo, Myra A; Mutrie, Nanette; University of Aberdeen, School of Medical Sciences
2-May-2013Does presence of a Mid-Ocean Ridge enhance biomass and biodiversity?Priede, Imants G; Bergstad, Odd Aksel; Miller, Peter I; Vecchione, Michael; Gebruk, Andrey; Falkenhaug, Tone; Billett, David S M; Craig, Jessica; Dale, Andrew C; Shields, Mark A; Tilstone, Gavin H; Sutton, Tracey T; Gooday, Andrew J; Inall, Mark E; Jones, Daniel O B; Martinez-Vicente, Victor; Menezes, Gui M; Niedzielski, Tomasz; Sigurdsson, Þorsteinn; Rothe, Nina; Rogacheva, Antonina; Alt, Claudia H S; Brand, Timothy; Abell, Richard; Brierley, Andrew S; Cousins, Nicola J; Crockard, Deborah; Hoelzel, A Rus; Høines, Åge; Letessier, Tom B; Read, Jane F; Shimmield, Tracy; Cox, Martin J; Galbraith, John K; Gordon, John D M; Horton, Tammy; Neat, Francis; Lorance, Pascal; University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences; University of Aberdeen, Environment and Food Security; University of Aberdeen, MASTS (Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland); University of Aberdeen, Professional Services; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Division Applied Medicine; University of Aberdeen, School of Medicine & Dentistry, Division of Applied Health Sciences
2008Does taking vitamin, mineral and fatty acid supplements prevent cognitive decline? A systematic review of randomized controlled trialsJia, X; McNeill, G; Avenell, Alison
5-Dec-2011Dopamine transporter (DAT1) and dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) genotypes differentially impact on electrophysiological correlates of error processingBiehl, Stefanie C; Dresler, Thomas; Reif, Andreas; Scheuerpflug, Peter; Deckert, Jürgen; Herrmann, Martin J; University of Aberdeen, School of Psychology
2014A double continuum hydrological model for glacier applicationsde Fleurian, B.; Gagliardini, O.; Zwinger, T.; Durand, G.; Le Meur, E.; Mair, D.; Raback, P.; University of Aberdeen, Geosciences, Geography & Environment
Showing results 446 to 465 of 1921
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